DeFi Philly is here to help educate, build, + activate Philadelphia’s growing Web3 community. 

This is a group for anyone interested in blockchain or cryptocurrency technologies. Our community comprises amateurs, professionals, and hobbyists interested in blockchain and cryptocurrency. 

Coffee and Crypto

This event is for blockchain and cryptocurrency community members to meet up and share alpha. Join us for a beverage or a bite to eat at Giant at 23rd and Arch St.

Monthly Meetup

Find us on the patio facing the river front. Defi Philly’s monthly meetup, a networking event for decentralized finance amateurs and professionals, join us at Giant at 23rd and Arch St

DeFi Help Desk

This is a meetup where you can ask questions and get some help with decentralized finance. Get your questions answered in real life by a group of active defi users who meet up regularly in Philadelphia.


Today, there are currently 1,000+ members in the community. We are seeing an acceleration of new Crypto Enthusiast. We continue to expand in cities all over the world.

Independence 2.0

Our community consists of amateurs, professionals, and hobbyists interested in blockchain and cryptocurrency. This group’s aim is to provide access to knowledge about technologies driving the adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Industry Leaders

Our instructors are all working on the cutting edge of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Each of our courses and workshops are moulded by real world experience and industry knowledge!

The Leading DEFI Event

#DeFiPhilly 2023

July 7-8

DeFi Philly is not a developer conference. It is for anyone, beginners and experts alike, interested in decentralized finance, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, metaverse, and more.