Press Release: Announcing DeFi Philly Strategic Partnership with Philly Startup LeadersPhilly!

DeFi Philly is proud to announce our strategic partnership with Philly Startup Leaders on the Founded in Philly Blockchain Accelerator, and other Fall programming!

Philly Startup Leaders announces partnership with DeFi Philly on their fall Founded in Philly Blockchain accelerator.

DeFi Philly, a Web3 Community in Philadelphia with over 850 members, has made  a goal of onboarding more people into Web3 by helping them “Cross the Chasm.” This echoes Philly Startup Leaders’ mission to create net-new entrepreneurs in Philadelphia, specifically in emerging sectors. Organizations like DeFi Philly are critical to educating interested professionals about this exciting new industry, and creating that first touchpoint toward utilizing blockchain technology to solve complex problems and change the way we do business.

““It’s such an exciting time to be building a Web3 accelerator in Philadelphia; on one hand, there are people from some of the most innovative Web3 companies in the world that live here, or are moving here, which we’ve seen at our weekly DeFi Philly events…on the other hand you have all of this raw talent that is just starting out their journeys as entrepreneurs. That gap is bridged when you combine the caliber of people from our meetups with the extended resources that PSL has.””

— Drew Mailen, Co-Founder of DeFi Philly and Founder of BountyBase

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