DeFi Philly Host $100M MakerDAO Debt Vault Architect from Huntingdon Valley Bank

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In the second edition of CryptoMondays Philly, the DeFi Philly Organizers hosted Daniel Krewson from Huntingdon Valley Bank, the first US-regulated bank to form a master participation fund from a DAO. The speaker for the event was Philly local and HVB Senior Vice President / Market President, Daniel Krewson, who with his team orchestrated HVB’s partnership with MakerDAO. The discussion between DeFi Philly and HVB will mark the first time the bank has spoken publicly at a Web3 event on the matter.

Why does it matter?

Importance of Loan for DeFi Industry

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Jake Voorhees, Michael A., Mike Ghen, Drew Mailen

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