Jake Voorhees

Jake is a web3 community builder, marketer, engineer, YouTuber, TEDx speaker & producer, and podcast host.
On May 25, 2022 he gave a TEDxSantaBarbara talk, “Community Evolution to DAOs”.
He appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank on October 27, 2019 as a managing director for the technology startup, NERDiT NOW. Jake helped NERDiT NOW grow from $157,000 to over $1 million in annual sales in 18 months. He led the development of the first R2 Certified Recycling program in Delaware. Jake is a founding board member of The NERDiT Foundation which helped deploy 5,000 laptops to underserved and at-risk communities in Delaware, Philadelphia, and Africa.
He has a YouTube channel for “Empowering Young Engineers”. Today the series has 150+ episodes, 95,000 subscribers, 30+ industry professional features, and sponsorships from the PSU Architectural Engineering department and Thangs.com.
Jake is the co-host of DeFi Talks, a podcast about Web3 and entrepreneurship.