Scenes from DeFi Philly’s First Conference

When organizers of DeFi Philly were setting the date and location of their inaugural conference, one week and one neighborhood stood out.

They had their eyes on the week of Independence Day, Drew Mailen said, to highlight the freedom they feel decentralized finance and Web3 offers those who engage with it.

“We’re for going towards the way that allows people to own their own financial streams and own their own digital assets,” he told

He, along with co-organizers Jake VoorheesEric WittenbergMichael Ghen and Michael A. Williams also chose an Old City location, Fringe Arts, to keep the theme going. On Friday, July 8, the group gathered about 250 attendees, speakers and sponsors at the waterfront venue for a daylong conference. Topics included blockchain-enabled companies and solutions, cryptocurrency, NFTs, fintech and the metaverse.

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