Meet The Organizers

Mike Ghen
Michael Ghen is a decentralized finance (DeFi) technology professional based in Philadelphia. He specializes in blockchains and cryptocurrencies with a focus on application security and smart contract automation.
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Jake Voorhees
Jake is a web3 community builder, marketer, engineer, YouTuber, TEDx speaker & producer, and podcast host.
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Most powerful person in defi
Michael A.
Michael A. is a DeFi professional with 18 years of experience working at the intersection of e-commerce, crypto and business development as an entrepreneur, consultant and innovative community curator.
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Drew Mailen
Since 2017, Drew has written over 1M words about blockchain through blog posts, press releases, and white papers. In addition to his work with DeFi Philly, Drew founded the underground crypto blog BountyBase.
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Eric Wittenberg
Eric is an entrepreneur and real estate investor. He is focused on starting and growing communities with a positive social impact. He has founded a CrossFit gym, multiple summer camps & youth sport clubs as well as a digital marketing agency.
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