What is blockchain’s role in shaping our world?

By Drew Mailen

8. Philly’s Web3 scene is still in its early stages, but growing steadily

Organizations like DeFi Philly, NFT Philly and Btcoin Jawn make this possible, carrying the torch from events like Coinvention and meetups like Philadelphia Ethereum Meetup.

What is blockchain’s role in shaping our world?

Over the weekend, I attended the fifth annual Penn Blockchain Conference hosted by the University of Pennsylvania. The event brought together private equity investors, regulators, students and hackers alongside some of the biggest crypto names to discuss blockchain technology’s current state and future.

Powered by Avalanche, Magna and Struck Capital, among many others, the conference offered a wealth of insights and thought-provoking discussions, along with six satellite events from around the city.

Penn Blockchain Conference 2023 by the numbers:

  • 28 panels and 110 panelists
  • 1,400 RSVPs
  • 16 sponsors
  • 200 hackers
  • 120 students flown in from around the world
  • 50 volunteers around the clock

Here are my eight key takeaways from the event: Read Here